Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Characteristics & Behaviour


Erratic – brief, if uninvolved or unstimulated or intrigued

Questions to expect

Some personal / creative

Answers to expect

Personal, creative / ego area

Response to threat

Takes personally – attacks back


Avoid details & too many facts – to have broad picture - recognition

Small talk

Strong, personal, interest, positive


Slightly disorganised – friendly, light, colourful

Tone and Manner

Energy, animated, intuitive, excitable, articulate

Proud of:

Achievement, creativity, judging people


On basis of personal motivation, on broad picture, quick


If you are not creative & emotional, you could be dull

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blue Personality


  • fun loving
  • creative
  • see the Big picture
  • often never 'build' the biz
  • tend to jump from program to program
  • talk a lot
  • story-tellers
  • life of the party
  • like 'spillover'
  • charm
  • salespersons
Theoretical, competitive and always driven to acquire more knowledge and competence, Blues are unequalled when it comes dealing with complex, theoretical issues and designing new systems. They seek knowledge for its own sake and are driven to challenge and test ideas and authority. Their first reaction is to critique and set their own benchmarks against which they measure everyone and everything. They are highly precise in thought and language and future oriented, trusting only logic not the rules or procedures of the past. As leaders, Blues are visionary and do best in positions requiring strategic thinking. Their interest is in improving the idea or organization. Then, they move on, with little interest in maintenance and consolidation or for explaining the complexities of a plan that, to them, seems so obvious. Blues include Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, George Soros and Vice President Cheney. (Blues correspond to the Myers-Briggs NTs.)